Commercial Real Estate Templates - which is the best one out there

We have bought Themeforest Real Homes and have had endless issue. We are having difficulty getting this template features working - have with the greatest difficulty reached out to the developers who insist its all there and promised to help us only to never hear back from them again deputed repeated requests.
If there is a web developer who can help - we will be happy to work with them.
Here is our needs:

We are a Real Estate Brokerage, our issues are:

  1. We need to have hundreds of members join us.

  2. Members can pay for and upload their own property into the website - choose the type of real estate and fill into all the pertinent information. After entering the date they choose the Plan and features they want and pay for it (payment gateway). The listing then comes to our Brokerage to verify accuracy and approve the upload.

  3. There are approximately 10 types of real estate - so we need 10 separate data collection pages.

  4. When a property is being listed - a choice on the type of real estate will automatically engaged the right type of data collection form to be filled.

  5. Every listing into the system will be shown on the website with the same information. Hence we will need 10 different types of Listing display pages.

  6. We also need to set up the system to automatically email out all NEW listings at end of the day to every member.

This is what we need done. So we are looking for an expert in WP ThemeForest Real Homes theme - someone who can get this done for us. We have more than 10 websites that need attention

I don’t mind to take a look at the theme and if you have performed any changes.
Feel free to drop me an email via this form to discuss the details

I’m not sure which service I should be applying for. I think the $150 is a bit much just to take a look at a website to see if you can help me to pay you for the work you do for me and look forward to working relationship.

Daljinder Gill
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I haven’t offered or asked any amount. The price is shown for the services I worked before.

If you send me a message through the contact form, we can discuss the details

I sent an email to you but got this:

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