Rating website

im almost new here, and also new in WP;
need to create a website to people vote and give stars and tell they experience about companies and products quality and Customer service, …
not exactly like yelp.
have category, for example, entertainment, IT, food, car and more
each company add on t hat, people rate it for Quality and support service experience
i want make it for whole country. then best companies get it top and …

+if are the plugins and other system for that, what names are exactly and what plugins should use together?

or can i transform usage of system. for example football team system to change using (like teams go companies, players change to products and …)

hope understand what i need, sorry for my bad English.


We can help you out, drop me an email at 0effortthemes@itobuz.com


Do you have domain , hosting , content , logo etc?
Do you have some deadline or budget?
I am ready to start right away.
If you have some questions my skype ID is zgzeljko

how we can work together?
i need a web site to people come and rate brands …
some features is in my mind at the moment:

  • Have categories for multi company and product and service name: i mean
    ISP could be in category by internet, technology, city etc …
  • people rate to single product or service, also special page for each
    entity to write they own experience and opinions about that
  • by each category the best and worst rates show in special page
  • Percentage of rank progress in month and year (i mean like US Dollar its
    going up/down)

i dont have skype, please give me your email address

also want create new website

My mail is zacccc@gmail.com