Quick Question // Packaged Plug-ins

Quick question to the community.

Looking to by Uncode theme and I see it comes with some premium plug-ins as part of the 59 dollar package. How do I then go about updating these plugins later. Would I already have the license or would I need to purchase these separately?

I’ve never brought a theme before so a newbie in this area.

Thanks for your support & help.



I’ll be happy to clear this for you.

Theme Bundled plugins do not have their own licenses. This means they cannot be activated mean registered for updates. So you can safely ignore any plugin activation/registration messages.

All bundled plugins update responsibility is the theme’s author. Just always download the theme latest version to get latest update plugins and update bundled plugin manually.

If you really want to auto update features by one click then you have to purchase individual license for the plugin(s) and you have to registere/activated the license.
You can check this Help article:

Automatic updates and support directly from the plugin author is only for those who will purchase the plugin directly from the plugin author.


Thanks for this mgscoder. So just to be clear, if I update the theme manually with Uncode then, I should be able to update the plug-ins at that time?

So, I wouldn’t need to individually buy the plugins unless I wanted more convenience.


yes, if the theme update included any update of the theme bundle plugin then from your full download of the theme you can get the updated version of the updated plugin and you can update manually. some of the plugin you will be able to update from wp-admin => plugins (those plugins uses author own repository to update).

right, but if you interest to get auto update features from wp-admin => plugins and also interest to get plugin author support then you can purchase plugin from the plugin author.


Just a couple other quick questions before I buy a theme. The one I’m looking to get doesn’t say anything about how many websites i can use this theme + plugins on…

If I use this on multiple sites, would I also be able to update the plugins on multiple sites once they are released in the update?

Thanks for your help.


each license will work only for one end product. so, for using the theme for multiple website you have to purchase individual license.