Question for those who have at least 500 sales or more regarding IPI(but others can answer too hehe)

Do people who purchase your music here use your IPI (of PRO) so that you get paid if they use it on TV for example?

And can you please be more specific like how much you received in a year from this approximately?

This will be very informative and good to know…thanks for your help

Yes, we get royalties. It is hard to say how much exactly. If you sold many broadcast licenses and everything is set correctly, it is something like $$$$, sometimes even $$$$$ per year. Keep in mind that year after year it is rising significally.

But even if you have one track broadcast in TV, you can always have a lucky shot which will give you $$$$ or more.

More info here: The AJ Community Guide #2 - Performing Rights Organisation Royalties (PRO)


I have two more questions please,

  1. do you believe a person starting today its possible to reach a 20k income within a year nowdays?

  2. and i’m not sure how traffic is here, but like on youtube i uploaded a track and had 0 views for a month…is it like this here? i’m not sure how traffic is for new artists/new sounds? is it much harder if you are new here?

thanks a lot!

  1. No but yes if you have the ultimate track that everyone wants. Have a look at @Stockwaves and see this amazing and highly desirable portfolio. These tracks are sublime and highly sought after.
  2. Yes but no if you can generate traffic from external promotional sources.