[Question](18-01-2024) Ultimate POS - Best ERP - Manage Stock

Hello Everyone,

Please guide us on how to manage the products / services where stock is not involved. If we do not tick on the ‘Manage Stock?’ (Screenshot below) option then If we do not select this option then the product / service shows up in product / SKU search with the Sale / Purchase pages.

URL Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/zM7aNBk.png

How to solve this issue as most of our Products / Services does not have any stock. Awaiting reply.

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Hi @ManagedCloud-Hosting,

This is a general forum. For help with a particular item, it’s best to reach out directly to the item’s author. You can do this through the comments or support tabs on the item’s marketplace page.


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@baileyherbert I understand. However, there might be users also who can have in-depth knowledge of any product they use or manage. I believe we should help each other with our knowledge in such forums.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Every item has different coding style and features, it’d be hard to manage thousands of the items ( support ) on the forum, in addition to that, the support is being provided by the item author and most of the authors has their own system for this kind of issues ( FAQ ). You should better contact the item support. I don’t think you’d get any support on the forum, here. It’s most likely you’d find similar issues either on the item comments page and/or author’s support website/forum.

Can you share detail what you exactly want? I can just share my idea about it. But can not tell you in your coding where to modify.

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@baileyherbert @ki-themes @phpscriptpoint

Thank for your replies, we had got in touch with Dev support team and working together to resolve the issues. Thanks :smiley: