Help me upload my product, I don't mind sharing the commission with those who help me.

I have a product that I think is good, but when I uploaded it to codecanyon I got rejection, here is a preview of my product :

SalesPosSync offers more than just a typical POS system. The features and modules we bring are not only designed to enhance your business efficiency but also to provide a variety of tools to aid in your business development. In our initial version, we introduced discount and promotion modules that are rarely found in other POS systems. These tools are designed flexibly to support your marketing strategies and build strong Customer loyalty.

In addition to discounts and promotions, the early version of SalesPosSync also includes membership and loyalty point modules. With these modules, you can boost your sales and revenue. The membership system can be tailored to levels, allowing customers to advance to the next level after reaching a certain number of points you've set.

In SalesPosSync, within the Sales Unit, we support pricing in different units, which we refer to as "Advanced Units." With this feature, business owners can differentiate the price of each item based on the quantity purchased by the customer. This is a common strategy used to encourage customers to buy larger quantities.

Not to forget, we also include a highly flexible Human Resource Management (HRM) module, especially in employee scheduling arrangements. We recognize that every business has different needs and rules, hence SalesPosSync is designed to be customizable to various user requirements.

demo :
url : SalesPosSync Url
email :
pass : 11223344

I want someone to help me get uploaded on CodeCanyon successfully, I don’t mind splitting a commission of $2-$4 for each license sold.

I don’t know whether it’s from my product side or a component that is lacking, such as adding license information when uploading my product to CodeCanyon.

For now, this is hard rejected. but I’m sure if there is an error it may not be from my product

What’s the rejection message?

This doesn’t make sense, for quality and uniqueness I’m sure this meets the criteria