purchased theme wont install

purchased Osmosis - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, dowloaded istallable wordpress file only and been trying to install it quite a time now. but it just keep downloading and nothing happens. been cancelling and trying again several times but nothing. got few theme zips on my computer and any of them installs fine.

any help from here?


Here is about Themforest WordPress installation guide how to download which file have to download etc. hope will helpful for you


When you say it “keeps downloading” do you
Mean it times out when trying to upload the theme to the admin?

@greatives are a great author and we have coincidentally used this theme several times without issue

Sounds like it maybe a hosting issue? Have you got ftp access?

theres been time out too but as it been downloading like 10 minutes ive been cancelling it.

working on ftp right now to try install it manually.

Just to be clear do you mean “downloading” the zip from themeforest OR “uploading” (importing) that zip into WP admin?

FTP is def your best option. It’s an awesome theme but is also big due to the features it offers

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Hey @jiiremes!

Could you please contact our agents here - https://greatives.ticksy.com/?

It would be also great to check your server settings according to this article - https://docs.greatives.eu/tutorials/recommended-server-settings-memory-issues/


importing to wp admin. i thought thats installing…

it finally managed to installe. its been doin it background as ive been searching solution for this problem and now its installed and active. took it sweet time, got to say…