Purchased AtoZ tool and the License code isn't working. Its been a week now and no help.

I Am very frustrated at this time and maybe considering a refund.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Hi thank you for your response but I have made several attempts to get in touch with the author and still no response at all man. Its been a week now and I am getting frustrated.

Now weekend time keep patience till Monday
If still any issue then get in touch with envato market help center they would like to assist you.

I Already contacted envato market help center and they told me to contact the author to which I did. Its been 5 days now and no response from the aurthor. sigh


Have you had issues activating the licence code on a live server, or are you trying to install this script on localhost?

As @unlockdesign has pointed out there may be delays in the author simply responding.

If it is AtoZ Seo Tools then they do have a licence reset page here:

been trying to install the script on a localhost, but I just couldn’t past the installer panel. I registered a new database and password, done all that and entered the purchase code but the screen wouldn’t give me access to the admin page. When I tried to test the purchasing code by resetting the domain name with the code purchased it stated the licence code was invalid
[screenshot removed – contained purchase code]


From what I understand on the authors page is this:

Q: how to bypass the purchase code verification in local host i am testing some code?
A: You can request a dummy item purchase code for localhost installation.

And to do that you would need to contact the author

I don’t test scripts on localhost - I always check them on a live server so I cannot help you with this. As @unlockdesign said already contact the author and explain to them your issues.


Looking once more at your screenshots, are you sure that your Database Host name is actually localhost? It might be something different to localhost???

@Rainbowbalaji can you check on this? :+1:

ok thank you much

Well I have also tried server106.web-hosting.com and still no changes. idk maybe am just noob to all this lol :joy: :joy:


We haven’t received any tickets yet from your username.

Use the support link:



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O my apologies maybe i had made my complaint incorrectly. Now going further how can i get some help to complete my script installation?