Puppet for Adobe Character Animator

Hi there,

I´m looking for different characters/puppets to buy for the new Character Animator from Adobe (which is really amazing).
But its seems like there is nothing here on Envato yet?
Or am I blind?

Hi @mela030

Try this Rig Character


Thanks for your help, but thats not what I was looking for.

Its not for Adobe After Effect but for Character Animator.

Here is a youtube video that shows whats its all about:

Just put up my first Character Animator Puppet - Female blonde Character Sheila - for sale via after effects files > characters. Includes rigged hair and hand key triggers.
Will hopefully be available once reviewal process is over.

Wow Adobe Character Animator looks really cool, i remember trying an app ages ago where you had to move the points of a mesh every frame to animate, it looks simple now. :smiley: