Best After Effects Character Animation Kits

What are the best After Effects character animation kits?

We want you to post your favorite character animation kits from VideoHive.

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An item from our portfolio:

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What’s so good about the character animation kit?

A completely versatile character animation kit that allows users to easily choose from 100+ loopable animations and build their own unique story. It is very easy to use and it comes with 10 pre-made characters and 150+ professionally designed images. Users can also create their own characters within the toolkit itself using an inbuilt character maker, or even drag and drop their designs from any other software. With all the features the toolkit offers, this really is complex animation made simple!

This is a UNIQUE kit that so few people are using but it has a real 3D character that can be customized with colors and animations. Build a 3D looking character animated video without all the expensive and lengthy process.

Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup


Watch our video preview:

Long Story Short:

Rigmo - aka Rigged Character Animation Mockup is an After Effects template which will rig your Photoshop Designed character automatically.

Don’t waste your time with rigging!

Just design your character then load it into After Effects and enjoy the animation with your fully rigged character! However you can use the 8 included unique characters we designed!

Easy to use, very dynamic, we create constant updates…we made them initially for us, then thought…why not offer this resource for others as well.

George is a unique 3D character in a kit containing over 60 animations with seamless transitions.
The kit is very easy to customize and includes more than 20 accessories like hairstyles, hats and beards.
After the last update it’s even possible to make lip-sync animation.

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Easy to use, very cute, 93 animations differences, Animations can loop, freeze frame, easy change all color. Can used for presentations: education, medical, pharmacy, food, restaurants, security, construction, education, fire safety, business services, farming, religion, IT, etc.


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What’s so good about the character animation kit?

Pixity Land is the most top seller item of After Effects to make explainers, cartoons and animations. It sold more than 5200 licenses and you see it everywhere like TV, YouTube and etc. The best feature of Pixity Land is the character builder. You can make unlimited characters and Pixity Land is the only item that includes kids too!


Also, Pixity Land comes with a lot of items like icons, transitions, backgrounds, typographies and etc to help you create your video quickly and easily.

For discovering more, check out it’s official website :

Mr & Mrs Explainer is one of the best Explainer Video Templates on the market.
Includes 22 Pre-made characters, plenty of poses and automatic audio Lip-Sync, to work with.
You are able to make your story and create your own character and choose from 12 Face emotions and combine them together.
Finally include the Flat Animated Icons Library with more than 1500 Animated Icons, Backgrounds, Design Concepts, Icon Words and Animated Text.


What’s so good about the Explainer Video Toolkit?

Explainer Video Toolkit 3 comes from the author who first brought explainer video templates on videohive and since then is closely watching design trends for explainer videos.

EVT3 is currently the best selling explainer video template and is also #20 best selling product on whole videohive.

Flat design of EVT3 matches style of the worlds best artists in this field so you can always buy more illustrations and elements from any other high quality artist on

More advanced After Effects users will appreciate that Explainer Video Toolkit 3 has the most customizable character rig so they have options and freedom to do anything with the characters.

There are many more reasons why people choose this awesome template.
If you’re interested, please visit our official website.

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Nice funny 8-bit style. Except big pack of characters with the big pack of clothes, you can find many backgrounds, transports, and different animation elements

Easy to use, simiply drag and drop to your infographic or explainer video, or you can create your own animation

This project is perfect for your corporation, company’s portfolio, business presentations as well as more than others.Template has a large number of options and settings, characterized by mobility of its elements. With this vector styles package you can create your own promo videos in no time.

Carl - 2D Character Animation Kit

  • Classic frame animation
  • Universal voice-over of the character is included
  • Resizable. Fully Vector. File size only 18MB

What’s so good about the character animation kit?
This is version 2 of “Character Maker - Explainer video toolkit”.
So, you can see a huge difference to overall design.
Easiest way to make your own explainer video.
Biggest animation package on videohive (all are loop-able).
100% after effects.
See more.

We created a big pack of animated scenes and characters which can be used in other projects. I believe it has good quality and looks pretty.

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