Hello guys, I am looking for a Wordpress developer to convert PSD to WP. We have a small team of developers and we have lots of projects of this kind…and not enough people. So we are looking for 1 person to join our team and do some parts of wp development job.

We pay project based for now. Later if we work well together, we can talk about monthly salary.

Since I am not an end user and I am a developer myself, please don’t ask ridiculous fees.


Interested to collaborate. Sent a PM. Please check.

What is ridiculous fee for you?
Someone is that 200$ and someone else 2000$.

If you’re building a theme for ThemeForest, minimum price should be at least around 1.5k $
Less than the price, it’d give you nothing but trouble.

If you’re looking for a client/customer, the range would be different though.
Anyway, feel free to contact if you’d like to discuss the details