PSD template review time?

Is that ok 17 days for PSD review? please tell me?

My PSD is 16 days. What’s happen about reviewer team?

Means I am not alone. Good to see you bro. Now I am normal. =D

For our psd template it took about 8 days, anyway it’s alwaybetter than the review time on themeforest (minimum 15 days :slight_smile:

Check this out:

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I wonder what happened to envato ?No time review for psd category.

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Yes AlitStudio I am confuse about this

18 days left my psd buddy . still review queues . i have contact on envato support team . they are told me below comment .

“We cannot provide a definite time as the review team received a very high number of file submissions. We thank you for your patience.”

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Buddy my psd completed 19 days. Still no response.

4 days ago i i have checked psd category showing mix time 8 days . now No time review for psd category. unlimited time need to wait for feedback … ha ha ha ha envato provide new new rules and system … we are just seen . nothing to do …

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And 2 days ago i ahave checked 20 days maxed. Now its 22 days. We are fine envato

Today envato gives me answer after 20 days. Thanks envato

for each psd need to wait 20 days just for review … good deals

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Yes buddy 1PSD need 20days

My PSD is 26 days. What’s happen about reviewer team?Plz check for me. My account : Leonard_Design

I am on the 27th day…still nothing