proper naming template/theme etc.


So on TF we call psd a template, wordpress a theme - all dandy here.

But what do I call a variation of a template? e.g. I’ve psd template, but psd template has Sports, Music, Fashion, Food “themes” - so can I say I’ve psd template with 4 themes? or usage of “themes” is not allowed in this scenario either?

@Enabled can you shed some light on this. thanks!

I can give you my perspective. For example, I have items that have different colors and different styles. Of course, i can say they have xx themes, but I use the phrasing “5 Color Schemes / 5 Menu Styles / 5 Homepage Styles” and in your case I think it suits the same idea.

Or if you really want to use theme you can mention

Sports Theme / Music Theme / Food Theme / Fashion Theme - Please note, this item is a PSD template, the themes are referring to the styles present in the item.

And that should clear any confusion! :slight_smile:

My opinion at least. Cheers mate!