Interested in your opinion on my new PSD template


Hi guys!
Very interested in your professional opinion about my new (altered) work - PSD template.
Whether this will work?

Some information:

  • The template is based on a bootstrap 3 grid.
  • All sections of expansions in a folder, select the color and have their own names.

Thank you for your feedback.


This is nice.
But I advise you to work at colors .


Thank you.
More contrasting colors you have in mind to choose?


hi, i would personally suggest that that u change fonts for some elements (like for date and time) and i would personally not use italics, for me this looks old and not good … apart from this your item is nice , colors are sort of special , u may like them or not, but this is also making your item look more original so for me this is not a problem …


Thank you very much for your detailed opinion. It is very important to me.