Promo Codes Themeforest


Is it posibble to have promo/discount codes on Themeforest so that only certain users can have a discount if they have a code we provided for them?


I highly doubt it given that promo codes of any form are not readily available on the site

Yeah, we assumed it was so but it would be a good marketing tool for the author to give a discount from his own earnings, especially for returning customers or as a part of a promo campaign.

With this we could see exactly how much some campaigns are successful.

It would make a nice campaign, unfortunately it sounds like it would potentially be near on impossible to implement given the scale and complexity of the marketplaces here (probably why any promos tend to be blanketed) let alone having to potentially adjust the back end functionality to make it work from author earnings.

:+1: also want to do some promotion for our either new or returning customers. This will be very useful for active control on our promotional campaigns.