Product options/attributes templates for woocommerce

I’m looking for a plugin/extension that will help me move from Magento to Woo.

I have configurable furniture products. I actually entered them as simple products with 4 types of options.

  • Color of Product Frame - required
  • Color of Product Fabric - required
  • Fabric “Cut” Option - required
  • Product Addon Option - option includes “none”

But the options can be hard to manage. For instance, Color of Product Fabric can be up to 80 choices.

To enter that many options each time I enter a product is nuts, let alone 4 different options.

One thing my current Magento lets me do is create options templates that I can assign to one or a group of products. The choices are dependent on the product class, some are available in 30 colors, others are 60, others are up to 80. So I can assign a group of options to say 8 products that have only certain options.

I have yet to find any kind of functionality that lets me do this in Woo.

If there is one, I can’t find it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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