Product Description vs. Short Product Description

Hi, I’m using the WooZone Premium plugin with the Kingdom theme. Latest versions of both. (Love them both, by the way.)

However, when I import a product it is not using the “Product short description.” I’ll try to explain:

When I go to Products >>> All Products >>> then choose a product and click “Edit” I go to the page where I can edit the product’s page title, see/edit the permalink, change categories, etc. All the normal stuff when you edit a page in Wordpress, including a large text box area that contains the imported product description. Further down this page there’s a another text box area called the “Product short description.” It is also imported information but it’s different than the info in the regular product description.

On my site, the “Product short description” isn’t showing up anywhere in the products. There is text in the “Product short description” on the edit page, but it isn’t showing up anywhere on the published page. Can anyone tell me why?

Thank you.

Hi @Festus17,

Welcome to the forums! You may need to contact the @AA-Team for support :slight_smile: Please head over to plugin support page and let them know about the problem: