Blanco: Will not show Product Descriptions

I am at my wit’s end.

Seemingly after the last Woocommerce upgrade, Blanco WILL NOT display the full product description. The image gallery and Short Description work. We NEED the horizontal single-product layout. In Vertical and Universal layouts the description DOES show up, but with very messed-up layout, and so these are unusable. I have tried copying Woocommerce’s template scripts to Blanco. This produces a complete mess and STILL no product description. Using Blanco’s own Woocommerce templates and this doesn’t work either. I can see the Descriptions (poorly) in other themes, but we need Blanco. Updating Blanco was no help at all. I have also tried every Woocommerce setting I can think of. No use.

Please help!

Hi @k-mac-2,

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to contact the author of Blanco theme about the issue?


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Owing to some problem, I CANNOT log in to their forum. And it won’t let me re-register as it says it already has my buyer ID.

I have emailed their sales department as they are the only contact which works for me. If I try to contact their tech people, it wants me to go to the forum, which. …

(repeat to taste) :-(.


You may need to wait few days for a reply, let me also tag in @8theme, the author of Blanco theme to see what can be done about your issue :slight_smile:


Thanks very much!

Hi there, k-mac-2

Please, send us via Contact Form with your Purchase code. Thanks


Thank you Helen,

Please note that I USED contact form 7, but if I have a technical question it refers me to the tech forum, which I CANNOT LOG INTO IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Therefore I have had to send it to Sales AGAIN, as I did 2 days ago.

But in case it disappears without trace, I’m giving the details here too:

Purchase code:

[purchase code hidden]

User name: k-mac-2

Theme: Blanco 3.8

Michael Teleshoff

I hope this helps. It was very late at night and I was tired; I suspect I mis-entered something.


Hi @k-mac-2,

Me again :slight_smile: Please don’t post your purchase code on public forums, you are welcome to send it privately over e-mail or personal message to the author.