Problem with PSD Template Upload

Hey There,

I’m trying to submit the PSD template to themeforest, I filled up all the necessary informations tried uploading using the default form uploader but due to some reason it can’t get uploaded, so I used the FTP uploader which successfully uploaded my file and I’ve attached them to the respective area but now I’m stuck in ‘Processing’. After around 10-15 minutes, a message pops up in the window. Here are the information about the file:

Icon: 80x80 : 18.5 MB 17.7 MB

I already had this issue. It can be from your browser. Have you tried using another browser?

If you still have issues you can get in touch with the Help Team here:


Something like that? I got the error message as well

@ki-themes indeed yes, but it was resolved later after some time.

@ThemeSLR: I don’t know I tried it from chrome and then posted Envato on
facebook and after 2 minutes of posting My Upload was complete. Strange :slight_smile: