Does anybody have an upload problem?

I want to understand this problem only with me or someone else too. When uploading an archive, an error appears and the files don’t upload completely.


Envato Market Author Help Center: Here

They would like to assist you.


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I know that, thanks. But I will have to wait for a response from the help center for a few days, and now I wanted to know if I have this problem alone.

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I have the same problem when I try to upload a pack and the archive is larger than 100mb. Wrote to support, probably a bug that is going to be fixed.

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Hi you can try with ftp upload. Or contact Support. Thanks

I always use FTP. I had error even if I uploaded something small. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi. There is an error when I am trying to install the polo theme. A message says it is not possible to find the “style.css” and “index.php” files. Can someone help me?

Hi cristovammelo please contact your theme Author. Or create a new topics with details and select proper category as like themeforest for getting perfect answer. thanks

Yes, same problem on Themeforest.

The problem is not solved. Error loading file.

I use ftp upload, and I have not encountered this problem yet.

I have never had a problem with the upnload, and I have never used FTP. FTP is not a very convenient way to upnload in my opinion. And… the problem is not solved. A letter to the help center did not fix the situation unfortunately