Price of a completely new template!

Hey guys!
One of my customers needs a new template like this one of mine!

He likes the overall theme of particles and butterflies!,but he wants it completely new!..
Considering the process of setting up these kind of particles,how much can i charge?!..
Can anyone please give me an idea?!

Thanks in advance

Nice Logo! You can start with evaluating approximately how much time it can take and multiply by your hour rate. And maybe add 25% to it as work with customer always takes more time than you can expect ;))

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Thank you!..Wise way!,I have to think about that! :slight_smile:

Another question…It might sound strange but as we dont work by hourly rate here,how much would this cost in total(Average)?!

It’s also worth considering the end use I.e. is this exclusively for that customer or can you resell it on envato also?

Be careful they don’t expect custom work for $14!

If it’s exclusive then your cost should reflect that as creating a one off item is NOT the same as something which you could sell several times over and continue to profit from.

You can try to find the answer at Envato Studio, look at their prices for similar tasks…

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Thank you very much for the answer!..Yes exactly thats why he wants a new one!,he does not want anyone else to have it!..

Thanks!..Are nt their price much because the are a studio of pros and not a freelancer like me?!

I don’t work in this category but a bespoke design - surely that’s several hundred $ if not more?

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Aha…Thanks again for the answer! :)…I was thinking of around 500$

Well, as for Too much or not - it’s up to you… If your task is to get this order by all ways - name the minimal price that would be ok for you ))
And don’t forget about partial prepayment - it’s always a way to understand is your customer a responsible person or not…

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Thank you very much!..Very nice advice!,I will consider that too! :))

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