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Should the images used in preview images be free for commercial use if it’s not included in the main file?

yes, should be free for commercial use or should have permission for commercial use. Because preview images your are not using for personal use.

But I don’t sell these photos, so if I used them in preview images I won’t make a profit from them, so I didn’t use it didn’t commercial use, right?

  • You can use a third-party (non-Envato) asset in your item preview if you have licensed it from a service which gives you this right. This is a commercial use license and you are responsible for ensuring that you have the correct license for this purpose.

What Assets Can I Use In My Item Previews:

How can they know if I have a license to use an asset?

It’s your responsibility to make sure you’ve used any assets in your items legally and only in the proper way. You must have to keep respect the license terms.

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