Please check the template , it is hard rejected

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please let me know what is the wrong

thank you

Hi @charlie4282,@SpaceStockFootage, please check and tell me what is the wrong

Hello and welcome to Envato forums,

Your item has an interesting concept. it can be improved. Below you have few problems spotted at a very first check:

  • When you scroll down, and then scroll up.
  • Colors inconsistency: Get rid of that gradient.
  • Spacing problems + check all the sections for top/bottom spacing:
  • Spacing problems + icon alignment problems:
  • Text visibility issues + that bottom-right circle doesn’t need to be shown there on normal state:

Final note: I only checked the homepage. Because there are plenty of errors on there I stopped checking the template. Maybe the reviewer made the same as me :slight_smile:

Solve all the mentioned problems across all your templates and then re-post the link here for an extra review.

Good Luck!

thank you for your valuable feedback I will check all that and I fixed it,

I think it should be a soft reject,

Maybe. Maybe not :slight_smile: Reviewers knows why.

This is why you should make your item even better. Make it good for an approval. Submitting an item for a soft rejection is not enough these days.

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Hi @ThemeSLR Could you please check, I fixed that and I checked all other pages

thank you in advance

Hi Everyone, please check the demo and let me know if it ready to re-submit