Please, advice to purchase a template

Hi there!
I am a visual effects artist, working for TV commercials.
I have an old video portfolio, built using Dreamweaver, and I would like to rebuild my website, using a Wordpress template.
I’ve looked to several templates, but no one fulfill my requirements, or I don’t have enough experience to catch an ideal template for the website.
It’s very simple. It needs a front page with a main big video screen containing my reel and some small thumbnails to redirect to some more important videos.
Ok, it’s not that hard to find a template with this main window, but I really would like to have a second page containing a chronology year by year of my past video jobs.
In other words, I would like to find a template as close as my Dreamweaver site itself. The site is ok, but it’s really hard to ingest new videos with flashing thumbnails and so on.

Please, if someone could find something compatible with my request I’ll be very grateful.
Please, have a look to my old website:
The “chronology” page needed:
Thank you all!


With new wp theme all that can look much more better :slight_smile: Almost every theme comes with some page builder so you can make any layout. For additional help contact me in inbox.

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Hi, Medians_
Thank you so much for answering.
As you can see I have no experience about WP templates! Actually I have no experience at all about building pages.
I’ve just learned a bit about Dreamweaver in the past and have conceived my own simple website, that’s all!
What I am really in doubt about all of these WP templates is the possibility to make links to my videos just using a flashing thumbnail of each, and how easy will be to keep ingesting video links to the website, more like in my actual website:
My main problem with this Dreamweaver website is the difficulty to ingest new videos. For each video I must go to Photoshop to build two images for the thumbnails, one opaque and other lighter. It is really painful! Also I would like to have a modern website, faster and more compatible.
So if you have an idea about a good template to accomplish these needs, I 'll be very grateful, but, Medians, I really don’t want to take advantage and just keeping asking questions to you, so, if you’re a professional and make your income doing this job, please, feel free to not answer or to charge for this info, ok?

Thank you so much,
Have a nice week,