Play Store - Closed Testing with 20 Testers for 14 Consecutive Days to Publish App

Hello Developers,

I’ve just released my first Flutter UI Kit on CodeCanyon! You can find it here: (link removed)

However, there’s a new policy on the Google Play Store for Closed Testing: we now need 20 Testers for 14 Consecutive Days before publishing an app.

The new policy.

Here are a few options to tackle this:

  1. Ask Friends and Family: Difficult, especially for regular uploads.
  2. Pay for Testers via a 3rd Party Service: A viable option with some cost.
  3. Community Support: We could create a group of 40/50 developers willing to download and test each other’s apps for 14 days.

This could be a simple way for all of us to meet Google’s requirements and help each other out. What do you think? Would anyone be interested in joining such a group?

Let’s discuss and see how we can make this work together!

Best regards,

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I think you may be able to find the “group/people” on the Google or elsewhere easily as most of the authors are here “individual” and the other solution would hire a team instead"

This policy is so stupid. Of course I would look for testing services rather than looking for 20 testers. Testing services will be a new business and will most likely provide inappropriate reviews or even just be a fraudulent business and scam. I hope Google revisits this policy soon.