First android app submitted but it has been 15 days no words from codecanyon. Is it something, i am missing?


I am new to codecanyon. I just submitted android app on codecanyon for the very first time. By reading lots of blogs, articles and videos i submitted my first product with documentation attached. I know codecanyon takes time to review the product so it could last 1 week. But its been 15 days already, no words from codecanyon whether the product is accepted or reviewed. It’s totally frustating.

Am i missing something? how can we track what’s status of our submission? Do i have to keep more patient? Or my product won’t be accepted or reviewed now?

Appreciate the help and any words on this topics.


With all of the holidays this week and next week, review turnaround times are longer than normal. So yes, please be patient, they’ll review your submission as soon as they can. You will receive an email when they review it.


Thanks for update. Hope they will do it soon. Happy new year.

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