Planned downtime on and April 18th 2018 between 5.30am - 6.45am UTC

Hello Authors,

The dev team just wants to give everyone a heads-up about some planned downtime on and this week.

On Wednesday 18 April between 5:30am - 6:45am UTC: will be in maintenance mode, so the API documentation, application registration and personal token creation will not be available. will be in maintenance mode, returning a 503 JSON response, meaning that 3rd party applications / API consumers will not be able to use Envato API.

Thanks for understanding.

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This maintenance should have been all done two hours ago… when can I expect to be able to generate my token and get on with my work?


i am also wondering when it is going to work again. i am trying to activate wpbakery but all i get is 503 when trying to import the license to wpbakery


"We are performing routine maintenance on this site beginning at 05:30 UTC on Wednesday 18 April. Please try your request again soon! "

404 Not Found
Code: NoSuchKey
Message: The specified key does not exist.
Key: api/index.html
RequestId: D4780DCC5E12B1A7
HostId: a9bcAXHKW4KBO2HjQzjJ8sUo6yQvBLyceNPmULkpSpzZVadD727ssGMAsYBsYHuM9PkPuTuS6cs=

API is still down

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Can we please have a rough ETA on when the downtime will end? Some people are depending on this and it’s mid-day in Europe.

works fine now :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

As you noticed, there was some downtime past the end of the maintenance window – we had some issues with getting part of the API to come back up. The issues were resolved and everything should be working fine now. Our apologies for the extended downtime.

We keep our status page up to date, with both planned and unplanned maintenance. In the future you can check there for updates.

Lead Developer, Envato

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My FTP client doesn’t work starting from April 18.
I’m from Russia. In Russia there are blocked Telegram Messenger and some Amazon’s servers.
Could this be a problem?


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