Pixie. Add new image via url

Hi, we start to use the Pixie plugin and have a problem with adding a new picture via url. When the user trying to save the image to the server in the browser the following error occurs :
> Error: The operation is insecure.
> .__toDataURL@
> .toDataURL@
> a.getDataUrl@
> a.handleIntegrationModeSave@
> a.saveImage@
> e.saveImage@
> Pr.prototype.functionCall/<@
> wo[e]</<.compile/</</r@
> Pn/this.$get</u.prototype.$eval@
> Pn/this.$get</u.prototype.$apply@
> wo[e]</<.compile/</<@
> Q.event.dispatch@
> Q.event.add/g.handle@

Configuration for open Pixie operation:

            url: false,
            hideOpenButton:	false,
            enableCORS: true,
            forceLaundering: false,
            replaceOriginal: true,
            onSave: function(data, img) {
                    data: data

Could you tell is it possible to upload the processed image using the Pixie plugin, and what we need to change or add to config.

Thanks in advance.