Paypal related question

Hey everyone!..I need a little help here please!
I am working with someone and i wanna send him some money sometimes!,I wanna know if i can withdraw to his paypal from my income on VH…Why am i asking this?..Because i heard that paypal has got a little sensitive about this,and might have a problem with withdrawing from my account to another persons paypal!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can withdraw from Envato only once a month. Then you can send money from PayPal to whomever they want. You can not directly transfer money from Еnvato to different accounts. It is better to do it in PayPal. There is an option "send money to a friend via email. If this ’ Someone’ has an account at PayPal. It’s free without charge.

После того когда я написал, я увидел, что вы русский.
По моему, это не надо делать! это самая сложная щука когда ты хочеш взят денги больше один счет.
Прошлом году я попробовал сделать это и потом у меня были проблемы с Енвато.
Самый лучший вариант, чтобы получить все деньги в одном месте. Тогда с ними делать то, что вам угодно.

Thank you very much for the response…
Just to get completely clear,I dont have a paypal account myself,and i wanna use my friends paypal and withdraw every month to his paypal account!..Is it ok? (I dont wanna open an account because of personal reasons!) :slight_smile:

It is important to have an account and use only one. No matter that is not yours. Do you think that here all have their own accounts !? I do not think! It is also important to be able to correspond with Envato of this email.You just give an email that is associated with an account at PayPal. Nobody asks you whether it is yours. If this is correct and works so well. I wanted to say that changing the PayPal account in envato has many disadvantages.
Sometimes you may stay without income for a month due to the slow change in the Envato. Personal experience.

Aha…Thank you very much Rembassio :slight_smile: