Mistake withdraw to limited PayPal account

Hey. I have a problem. By mistake I took out money for my paypal account. Since this account is registered from Ukraine, I can not receive money and withdraw it. In the letter about the transfer it was said that if I do not receive the money before March 17 they will be sent back to the sender of envato. Will I get my money back to the envato account and when?

Just refund the amount ( or it’d be refunded automatically ) and get the details e.g transaction ID and contact Envato support. They should be able to manage it and next month, you could get the money but use Payoneer/Skrill or SWIFT to get the money.

thnx! but i can`t find direct contact with support team, email or somthin

You can contact Envato here: http://enva.to/help

thanks a lot!