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Hello. Payoneer has disappeared from my “Payment methods” settings. I received payouts through Payoneer without any problems, now the payout method is only available by bank transfer. What are the reasons for such changes?

This article explains how to set up payment method after recent changes. You will find there explained steps how to still receive money to your Payoneer account using USA Receiving account. To explain shortly, money goes through USA routing bank account to Payoneer.

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Thank you. I know this information. I had Payooner, it was configured, and this method worked. Now this method is not in my settings. Could this be due to the fact that I reinstalled the Windows 10 operating system?

What you had earlier was a direct connection to Payoneer so your earnings from Envato went there instantly. Now your money must go to a bank first, and that’s why you only see a bank as an option. Therefore you now need to enter the routing bank account which you get from Payoneer and can be found on your Payoneer dashboard > Get Paid > Receiving accounts. There you will have approved accounts, for example, USA, select that, and there you will find the routing number, account number, and bank country. Then Envato will send your earnings to that bank and the bank will route to Payoneer. That’s why now you only have a bank as a way to receive payment. This happened after new payout system rollout.

Your operating system isn’t related to what you see as a payment method on your author dashboard.

Thank you for your qualified help. All is ready ! Good luck !

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