On hover - slide up image - Wordpress plugin

Looking for this. I thought it would be easier to find. Basically to showcase websites in full, without having super long images. The best example I’ve found is in the demos section of https://nitro.woorockets.com/ - when hovering over the image you can slide up or down the website. This is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. Anyone know of a plugin for wordpress that does this? (preferably visual composer but not a necessity)

Anyone? It seems like such a simple funtion to implement but I’m having trouble


I’m having a look. So basically in the example linked, you essentially start and stop a screencast (or a video, simply) when you mouse over the image.

For Visual Composer specifically, I’ve found this plugin here. It looks like you could replicate similar effects, but it would be worth asking the author exactly what’s possible before you purchase in their item comments.

That’s as close as I could get… @contrastblack, any ideas sir?

Hey @benod1 !

I’m not an expert on VC by any means, but the preview you linked to happens to use VC as well, so maybe @woorockets can share some hot tips on that specific effect and how they’ve achieved it :smile: