Visual Composer/wordpress help please

Hi, Im a designer with very limited code knowledge. Im attempting to replicate my website I originally build in Adobe Muse. Im rebulding it in Visual composer as I want to to be easier to update.

I set it up ona space domain I have

I have a few questions about some things on my website I still need to fix but not sure how to do them.

Going from top of the website to the bottom.

  1. How do I change Pro-finish text (top left) to a image Logo?

  2. I want to set the main image at the top of the page to transition between 4 other images how do I do this?

  3. How do I take the magnifiying glass rollover icon off the gallery images? Is there any way I can get the gallery to load in quicker?

  4. How to I style the Contact form so it looks similar to the one i have on my original website?

  5. Is there any way I can delete the ‘Copyright 2016 | Customized Theme by …’ at the bottom of the page

Any pointers will be much appreciated


I may be able to help with question 5 :smiley:

It looks like that info resides in:

<div class="site-info">
	<a href="">Copyright 2016 | Customized Theme by Tropical U.P</a>
<div><!-- .site-info -->

You just have to find where that’s being pulled from. Maybe a footer section in Visual Composer?

Also, if you find doing these edits are a bit too frustrating, you’re welcome to contact a designer at Envato Studio :smiley:

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For transition use any of these plugins. Layerslider, Meta Slider, Revolution Slider.

Use zoom CSS effect on images hover.Ping me if you need help with that.

You can make it look like original form by customizing your form in CSS.Sadly I think it cannot be done using any tool.

On website it is showing an error, make it back again and set css to display:none; to footer class.