November/ Black Friday/ cyber mondey Plugin sales

Hi, Guys! Let’s share plugins sales! I think it can be useful for musitians and together we can find best purposes at plugins market. Now cool offers are for East West products (up to 60%).
P.S. I purchased “Hollywood Orchestra” with ~ 50% off! (932$ regular price, and 499$ sale price!).


50% off at
Up to 50% off at

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BlackFriday on Presonus -

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One of the best sounding string libraries - Cinematic Studio Strings - 20% off (24th - 28th November)

1 Like Hard to say but they are having random sales throughout the month of November, but if you add a product to your wishlist I imagine they will contact you if its on sale :slight_smile: Happy Black Fridays :slight_smile:

UAD are gonna be having their Black Friday on the 25th Of Nov, here’s a spread sheet of the last years figures if you wanna get a rough idea :smiley:

What do you think about composer cloud x by east west? Thanks

Winter Sale at AmpleSound: 50% off annual PRO membership:

Goodhertz 25% off (anniversary discount):

Of course there’s Black Friday offers at Waves:

And at UAD:

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Not bad, but you need to purchase hdd with plugins from east west or amazon. I decided to purchase downloadable versions of east west plugins ( allows to download huge east west plugins). I purchased “Hollywood Orchestra Diamond” and “Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Complete” - amazing orchestral plugins. I think it’s best choice for that price. P.s. At bestservice better deals than at official website.

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Blackfriday at starts November 23
Also now new soundtoys plugin aviable for free - (thru Nov 22).


I just downloaded the Little Plate. It’s really got a nice vibe to it! Thanks for the tip LBCat!:slight_smile:

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The KVR forum collects all software deals in one thread (or most at least). Keep an eye on the first post in this thread

Had it, didn’t like it. Old engine, a lot of bugs, too complicated and not ergonomic etc.

BlackFriday at Audio Imperia. Up to 35% off.

Thank you very much! Your advice is really appreciate!
Any suggestion about virtual instruments or library for this black friday?

I’m still looking for some nice bundle deals.Today Spitfire announced BF sale.

Balck Friday stars at ! Sound Toys 5 bundle for only 249$! For all users, who get little plate for free price for sound toys bundle will be 209$!
I’m purchased this bundle, very cool price!!!

HybridTwo is selling both their libraries as a bundle for $99 up to 90% off. Also if you purchase 80$ you can choose 1 free plugin from list. If you purchase 150$ you can choose 2 free plugins from the lists. I purchase some plugins for 29$ usd only.
Also cool deal for izotope ozone 8. for only 26.8 $ + upgrade to izotope advanced for 276 $ (276 + 26 = 302 $)
Such way to purchase you get better price than to purchase izotope advanced (386 $ at bestservice, 499 at official website).