Best (early) Black Friday plugin deals

Let´s spend the money - Put your (early) best Black Friday Plugin deals here:


Why was this flagged? There’s some good deals in there for AJ authors, thanks Waderman. Here’s the link again in case it gets removed:

There’s some great bargains here too:

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Probably picked up by the system as spam. Don’t worry, it’s back now :slight_smile:

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Wow this time of the year is here back again :man_facepalming:
I think I’ve already satisfied my GAS this year with IK multimedia Group buy.

Thanks for sharing and remember that you can also buy 2nd hand licences at kvr forum, totally recommended if you follow the guidelines. I bought ALL my soft there :pray:

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Wavesfactory - 50% OFF on everything

My recommendations: Ukulele, Harmonix, Black Toms, Mute Trumpet,

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Native Instruments Thanks Giving XXL Upgrades and Updates 50% OFF

Wavesfactory’s new Cassette plugin, and also the SSL G bx plugin on plugin alliance! First time I bought during Black Friday sales, couldn’t resist this time.

I got Pulsar Mu, Kush AR-1, Softube Tape and Eventide MangledVerb. Love every piece of software I got :slight_smile: