No Sells Since Last 15 days

Hello Everyone,

I did not get any sells since last 15days.

I have more than 110 products in Codecanyon.

Can anyone tell me the reason?


No one can tell you the reason, sales are random and you should just wait until someone finds if one of your item is useful.

  • Quality and functional value will always beat sheer volume of items

  • Several of your items seem quite niche which limits the sales potential

  • If you are not marketing the products then you will always struggle

  • You do not really have many recent items

  • Biggest issue is you are an exclusive author and it looks like you are selling the items elsewhere… This breaches your agreement with envato and as it happens also dilutes the likely sales here. You need to either become a non-exclusive author and accept the different commission, or remove the items from envato or your website

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@charlie4282 Thank you for the answer.

You have to do SEO for your E-commerce Website, Then results come in as a result of the result.