No Audio in file

Hi Guys,

I purchased this yesterday, but there is no Audio on it, Can someone help please?

Much Appreciated

Hi! As I know the music is purchased separately from the video project.

Thank you
Can you help me locate where to purchase the file?

Click on this window. :point_up_2:


I also purchased - however, there is no sound effects file. I emailed the designer BILDER 4 days ago as instructed but have had no response. Can someone please help?

Much Appreciated

Edited: sorry wrong link, I thought you meant music :slight_smile:

Hello, are you talking about this?

Only the author knows what sound effects he used and where he took.Wait for an answer from him, or write him a second letter on the email.

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Yes, that’s what I am referring to! Any ideas how I can get the file?