Need To Find this audio track in Audio Jungle from a Video Intro I purchased.

Does anyone know how to find the audio track that is used in the video samples if the author doesn’t leave any notes about what assets were used? Here is the URL to his video intro that I purchased but there is no reference to the audio intro used with it and I would like to use both. Been listening to sound clips for 2 hours yet and still havent found it.

Author: Vladimir Perumov

FYI: I did reach out to the author via Themeforest as well. Hopefully he or the community can help me out. Thanks.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @stat1124

This is a link on videohive of your purchase, you can find the audio files used in the description!



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I have an elements account along with my account to Theme Forest. I downloaded it from Elements, not sure its on Videohive but I can look. That is a good suggestion. It isn’t listed in the description on Elements which is the URL listed above. I’ll check Videohive.

@Luca_Clerici You are genius. He has the audio files listed in Videohive so I can go download them from there. Thanks so much. I thought it was just one file but he blended 3 which is why I was having the hardest time finding it.

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