New milestone achieved: $750M in total community earnings!


My reaction exactly!

Congratulations on the achievement. Amazing achievement indeed!

Thank you Envato that you show us the statistics of the elite top-seller authors. Most authors are on the other side of the medal I think. Your experiments have destructive effect for non-elite new authors. How long do you think the new work will get 1k sales to get to 1-10 page of top selling items? It was hard to do before and now it is impossible. And how long do you think the items 5+ years old will sell? I think your statistics is temporary and will regress in the future if you don’t stop your experiment. Check the forum and you will see. Many authors get less money than before…
But you have perfect statistics. Congratulations, Envato. :ok_hand:

PS. I hope that this experiment was in order to create such statistics and you finish it in close time. :roll_eyes:


This is impressive !! I sincerely congratulate !!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:

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Nice infographic :slight_smile: , congrats here :sunglasses::partying_face:. Good job and keep supporting all the Elite Authors, please!

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Glad to see that Envato is growing and I’m glad that I’m a small part of this.


I don’t want to be spoiler and I know this is not the correct place to write but your recent changes in category pages is destroying us, It’s not just me, Thr are many authors like me. Hope thr will be good news for us soon


Of course. Our new items already died (((

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my congratulations!

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Great News…

Our Sell Ranking was 2200 on themeforest and now ranking is 1400 Wow … Means our sale also should be double …

But our sale is half now …

This is with all medium authors …

Themeforest sale is down for medium authors or new Authors … Only prime or top Authors getting sale I think according to numbers

Many of Themeforest Authors fully depend on Themeforest only … You should think about.

This time it’s not quality game … Just improving sale for top authors only … No matter you are giving 200% effort and working hard to pay your employees. :persevere::thinking:

Correct me if I am wrong please …


Wow, it’s so wonderful! Congratulations all authors! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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