New Item Discounting Tool for Authors

At Envato we’re dedicated to giving you access to tools and resources that help you sell better. To help with this, we’re excited to launch a new discounting tool to help you take control of your sales, and engage more strategically with your customers!

We know many authors already run sales for your customers, and the new manage discount tool aims to make that process much easier by:

  • Allowing you to schedule a discount in advance
  • Displaying every item discounted through the tool with sale pricing throughout the customer journey (see example image below)
  • Allowing customers to search and filter for items currently discounted using the tool

Example category page banner on CodeCanyon

Items discounted using the tool will also be eligible for promotion in discount spaces across Market, such as category pages.

This tool is now available for all authors on Market. It’s a new tool, so if you have any feedback please let us know with comments below!

You can access the tool from your item edit tab. For step-by-step instructions please read through this help centre article, and you can find information on our item discount and promotional pricing guidelines here.


Awesome, looking forward to more features like this :).


Excellent - great work!

Slight Glitch: When you click on start date/end date it won’t work and if you input manual date it won’t work either.

Might be Related to a JS error:

On what basis will the items be displayed in this section?

You say “Displaying every item discounted through the tool”, there’s bound to be a lot of items.
So would it be random?


Very good innovation! Please do a batch price update in the future. Thank you! :+1:


Works fine on my side

Hey, @steve_lam.

Thanks, I’m very excited about this feature but one thing: the items under review are set to the introductory price & now in their case I can’t use this discount tool because when they will be live if I modify the price to the normal one I’ll break the rules. So I have to wait a month until I can do anything with them and this is a little bit frustrating.

I know you guys have a load of work nowadays and your entire system is very difficult but please try to communicate better with authors. For us, it would be so great to known about things like this earlier, before the implementation and not after.

Anyway, thank you! This feature rocks!!! :love_you_gesture:

Awesome feature! But I’m missing a few things:

  1. There is no end date of discount shown to clients. We need to insert gif or images ourselves.
  2. There is no ability to offer discount for Extended License.
  3. And most important. I want an option to offer discount by special link. So if customer go through the link he will get discount, and others don’t. It will help us to count sales from marketing campaigns. Because right now there is no any tool that can properly count sales from ads (Google Analytics don’t work correctly). It’s very important feature. By knowing exactly how much we earn from campaign, we finally can count our income and expense without any “guessing”.

It would also be great to have this is the homepage.

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Yes, a global feature to do all the library discount, would be AMAZING!

Great stuff!

I was not talking about discounts. Learn literate reading. :wink:

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@steve_lam Great move. It will certainly help getting more sale. One request I would like to do is, Allow us to generate discount code too. As sometimes if authors run campaign they may only want to give discount who have discount code or coupon code.


Thanks @VikramVerma, when we say “Displaying every item discounted through the tool with sale pricing throughout the customer journey” we’re referring to the sale pricing display which is included wherever the item is normally displayed (category pages, search results etc), on the item card, the item page and in a customer’s cart and checkout flow.

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I was so excited of this that I thought you was talking about the same thing!

Would be a nice feature though, all library discount at once.


There is a batch updater “Enseek” created by the genius Bailey Herbert.

Enseek is an audio footprint tracker for audiojungle and videohive. You are probably talking about equally awesome plugin for chrome made by ShwartzSound


@steve_lam awesome, thx!

An intro price tool available on the upload page would be great.

Automatically added green sale tag to thumbnails would be great as well.


Fantastic tool, thanks!!

As others have mentioned, I’d also love to see:

  1. An indicator for discount length on the item page. It can even be as simple as the notification badge we see as authors when signed in. And this can be an optional feature for authors to turn on/off.

Dicsount badge

  1. Auto-update thumbnails with a discount badge.

I am a complete fool and yes you are absolutely correct in recognising Shwartzsound as the genius behind the updater - my humblest apologies.

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Dear team,
Here you’ve written everything which can be helpful to authors. How affiliates can be beneficial with your new price discount tool? I’ve checked API page, there is no api from which we can pull results for new discounted items and the schedule of discounted items. If you can release the API it will be good for affiliate also. #authoring-on-envato:affiliates