New Item Discounting Tool for Authors

You are right. I agree your ideas. This will be very helpful for marketing campaign

I have been using this feature since its first release. I am lucky because I was online and I refreshed the page and saw this feature. I discounted the items that comply with the rules. I like these rules. This feature will stop authors who change prices quickly. If you want a discount badge, you should wait 30 days after the last change and you can use limited days. I love it. Thank you envato :slight_smile: :muscle:

Edit: Also, another feature was added. With which version the project is prepared, only that version information is written. example: project is prepared with cs6 but you cannot choose cc2019.


Yes, this is what I am also expecting for years. It would be useful in case of repeat customers of an author or product. So for example, we can give them a discount for their second license purchase and encourage them to purchase more in the future with a discount.

It’s a great feature & thank you.

But i am badly missing the option for Extended License Discount Management.

Hope it will be added in future.

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Awesome tools :rocket:

:love_you_gesture:This is Fantastic!

Looks like a great tool! Thanks! :slight_smile: Would love to see something for extended licensing as well! Maybe we can promote this area better, and make it more visible.

We cant make discount to new items because of the 30-days rule.

Hi. Pretty interesting feature, but what about promo codes? I believe it was highly requested option for a very long time.


@steve_lam If possible, could you consider to separate the price of the item and price of support? It will help author easy to control the item, for example, we want to sale the item at $19 but $50 for 6 months support service. However, if buyer don’t want the support service, they can pay $19.

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This is a really good step forward, congrats! As others have mentioned, personal discounts (coupon codes) would be even more useful as it allows for tracking marketing campaigns.

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Here, the last change would be to add a notification for the price date. So author can understand. Is this item of ours now applicable for discounts? YES or NO? Something like below image. @steve_lam @jamesgiroux @collis @BenLeong

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Great feature. Saw it in ThemeDilaz.

I really like this app but I haven’t had the chance to own it yet

Agree, all userful feature mentioned :heavy_check_mark:

It’s very useful feature.

Hello Envato,
How to find that still how many days we have to maintain the same price to qualify for the discount. There is no counter like telling that still you have to wait 13 more days to make this item available for discount.

How many of you guys want a remaining day counter feature in discounting tool?

Any reply from Envato staff would be appreciated


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I agree with you. I have already ask to for that. but, have not any officially reply still now. here

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Guys, could you please put the discount thing at the very bottom of the category pages? Everyone will now set their old files to be discounted so they can appear at the very top of the category. Not really fair is it? :neutral_face:

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this is a very awesome feature for all the one