New Badge! That's awesome!


I’ve come home and what I see… A new great badge appeared near my profile picture! A Trendsetter Badge!

I’m really glad, I’m more than glad! Thank you Envato, thank you buyers! It is now even more pleasure to work with you, guys!

This track brought it to me Inspiring


Congratulations and keep up the great work! :smiley:


Congratulation!!! It’s really excited moment!!!:slight_smile:


Congratulations on the exciting event! Good luck with sales!


Thank you, everyone! Does anyone know the difference between featured file and file in trend? The small blue sigh is the same :smile:


that’s two different things:
Trending doesn’t mean Featured (you’re not exposed on the front page), but a featured track can also become trending if it generates significant traffic.

congrats anyway :wink:


Well done to you. Another step to a success :slight_smile:


Thank you, guys! Now I’ve got the difference)


Hey Mark, congratulations! I’ve got a question for you as well: did you notice an increase in sales of that particular item? I got a trendsetters badge yesterday as well on an item, and since then it sells way better than before.


Congratulations! it’s inspiring!


Hey, Flowsopher! My track was sold 6 times in the first three days, then I’ve got a new awesome badge! Two days have passed and the track was sold only once more :slight_smile: Pretty strange :hushed: You have an interesting track by the way, congratulations too!

Thank you, JohnRosso!

Who knows how long does small blue sign will be near the track?


Hey Mark, your track is very nice as well! Hope the sales will lift while being a trending item! I am curious as well for how long an item usually remains trending!