'When' is an item set 'Trending'?

Hi mates,

I’m asking because one of my tracks which was ‘Trending’ the week before last isn’t set to ‘Trending’ anymore.

I’m confused about that because in the last week I had 25 sales on that track (11 sales more than the week before), so I was sure it will still be ‘Trending’.

Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

(I wrote to support already)

I think it’s a combination of sales, comments and views. There was a post about them at some point, but not sure where it is now. There wasn’t a hard and fast equation though, just an overview.

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I guess ‘Trending’ status is based on mostly views. Because some items get trending badge without any sales and comments.


I’ve found that sales are most important, but views and entrances (see in analytics) can a large part.

In your case with the featured track I’d say your trending tag may have come down as there are now less views than on the first few days. Remember a lot of those views are your fellow AJ friends checking out your awesome featured track! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your thoughts mates!

I thought it just depends on sales per week.
To make things clear (btw - I was wrong with 11 more sales, actually it was 9 more sales) here are the data:

Week before last: 2418 pageview / 16 sales / 19 comments
Probably 16 pageviews of my customers, 500 of myself , and 1902 of my fellow AJ friends. :smile:

Last week: 1477 pageviews / 25 sales / 2 comments

It’s still a bit theoretical what counts and how much. I wouldn’t care about it when ‘Trending’ wouldn’t be an option in the search-system. :wink:

Also this is not re-evaluated once a week. Your item can be trending again in 1-2 days.


Aahhh… good remark. Thanks! :wink:

Thanks Theme_Paradise!

This wouldn’t make sense to me. By way of comparison: Clothes aren’t trending because many people are having a look at it in the store. These are trending because people buy and wear it.

It wouldn’t make sense to me too, but I actually saw items trending without any sales and comments :smile: Also some of our items got trendy badge without any increase in sales or comments

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The criteria seem to be complex, as currently in ‘site templates’ category, I’ve a new template released with 3 sales and 6 comments, is not trending and at the same time another, a bit older, template with 1 sale and with 6 comments is trending.

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Thanks guys!

Got answer from staff. Don’t know if it’s allowed to copy&paste.

So here’s a shortcut:
It’s actually an algorithm analysing different factors like viewing, purchasing and rating highly - a rapid growth in excitement in a short period of time.

Well, in that case viewing seems to be a big factor here.

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İf everyone looks into your item but nobody buys it, then you’re trending :smile: