Need to Reduce Space Between Lines in Block/Footer in Flatsome

Hi - I recently purchased the Flatsome theme and I am in the process of setting it up for my business. I have a question regarding how to better format the text that is included in the BLOCKS in my footer.

As you will see, there are several blocks on that page: ABOUT US, FAQ, POLICES, etc. I know where to edit the text for those block, but no matter what I do i cannot get the spacing between the lines in those blocks to reduce.

Example: in the ABOUT US block, there are two entries: About Us Information, and Latest News. There is just too much space between those lines for my tastes. I have already reduced the font size of the text to minimum (75%) and reduced the FORMATS/LINE HEIGHT to “x-small”, but that is as far as it goes. Is there another way of reducing the space between the lines to in effect be “single spaced”?

try checking the margin-bottom code and reduce it’s size.

li {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

Hi @MondoMelon,

Just so you know - be careful with the code above as it may change any possible list on your Flatsome theme, that could possibly lead to some layout incosistencies you may have hard time fixing in the future.

The closest possible code that can help you without analyzing the Flatsome layout you are currently using would be:

.footer-widgets li {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

But that may still not be final solution, so if you could share your current website link, that would be helpful.

Additionally you may be interested in hiring a professional from Envato Studio that will edit the website in any way you want :slight_smile:


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appearance > widgets > text widget > click text and remove the line space by using “delete” or backspace