Need equal spacing between widgets in Main Footer


I am fairly new to Wordpress and purchased the Ri IONE Minimal Responsive WooCommerce Theme and am using a child’s theme. There is currently uneven spacing between the widgets in my Main Footer and the author was not able to help me remedy the issue. I contacted Envato customer support and they suggested I try this forum. My “Coming Soon Mode” is active but by url is I am attaching a screenshot. I would be ever so grateful if someone could offer me any help!image

You should try to contact the author for free support. If you’re looking for a paid one, I could help you on this. You could purchase one of my services

Thank you. I was in touch with the author but after a lot of back and forth he told me he could not fix the spacing. It is frustrating since I purchased the template because it came with 6 months of support. I don’t expect customizations but I would think that evening out the spacing of the widgets in the footer should be something that should come with support. I clicked on your link and saw your services. What would be the fee for just assisting me with the footer spacing?

If you could drop me an email, we could discuss the details.

Still looking for help if anyone out there can assist me! Thanks!