Need someone to cut and join a video - quick job $50

Hey guys, have a real quick job I need asap.

I have a video on Youtube. I need someone to cut specific parts of that video and join them together in a nice quality/smooth way. It’s only 7 second video clip I need.

Something kind of like the length and quality and filesize of this one -

Will paypal $50 for this

Need it done asap - once done I’ll just need 2 versions of it, one in the original color version and one if you can put like a duotone effect over the video


Hello, i’m a developer but can help you.

Please contact me on Skype: rafaeloliveiradwg

Best regards,

Add me on skype I will do it asap.

skype: themesquared


I’m a freelance 3D designer and motion graphics designer :slight_smile:

Contact email address…