Looking for a really slick professional video editor / Gym Video

Hey. I need 4 15 second teaser videos. - they are gym related. All footage I already have.

This is an example of one I did myself just to play around but it is not final and I don’t like it - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3d9b1hnz05qw7mi/teaser.mov?dl=0

I have a brief written down for all 4 of them.

First I just want to test whoever I go with, with 1, before we decide to do all 4 of them. I know exactly the style and feeling I want.

Before we go further into detail I need to know how much would you charge me for a max 15 second teaser style clip - all footage would be provided. It’s upto you to do the color grading, make it look professional and really slick.

Anyone interested please leave examples of your best work, 2 videos is fine and your profile on this site also so I know your legit and not some random fraud guy.

Let me know

Hello @uaesthetics

Feel free to contact me at my profile page i am available for this job and i working a lot with the video for gym. I can send you the sample of my work.