Need some tips to create PSD template ?

Hello I am new here. I want to design a PSD template . Can you provide rules, regulation and some tips ??

Firstly keep in mind that whenever you sit to create a website template always have a Main goal or you can say a key of what you’re going to make and as we all know the person who can illustrator things in PC’s should know how to illustrator them with their hands. Draw sketches, diagrams so that you get a rough idea of what you’re going to do.

Secondly when you you need to have a bit of experience with Photoshop and it’s tools, if you know then it’s well and good.

Third point is that always keep in mind you’ve to create The Best quality templates because there’s a lot of competition and everybody is creative and innovative like you, I’m telling this because Day before yesterday I had uploaded a PSD template for photographers and there it was a little bit of lagging in quality so it was Hard Rejected. So always keep your most of the focus on quality of your templates.
Here is the export of the template I was talking about.

Once you go through the templates which are available at sales right now, you’ll come to know.

And now talking about the regulations these links can help you out;
Getting Started
Selling and Being an Author

All the Best

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