Need on Envato, a little feature, to make it great


A little CSS, which will make navigating screenshots easy for us.

.mfp-arrow {
position: absolute; // fixed

When we scroll down, we have to again go to up to change the screenshot,


I agree - should’ve been implemented from the start.


@damirkotoric promised to fix that in other thread…


i agree too


I’ll look into it now. I never promised to fix it though :wink:


@damirkotoric oh… you forgot this?

Get 'em while they're hot: Stats are in for the new screenshot feature

  1. Could you please make the Left and Right Arrows FIXED? Its hard to scroll up each time when its really long screenshot.
  2. I see the image works as next button, but can you split it to two, where if I clicked on the left side, it goes backwad and if clicked on rightside, will go to next image. (Many sliders do this)
  3. Also, once clicked, take me to the Top of the image. Nobody wants to see a screenshot from bottom.

Hope this will get fixed soon…


I see no promises there! :o


Promise is at the top of the thread … Get 'em while they're hot: Stats are in for the new screenshot feature

As promised in my earlier announcement, I’m now going to update you on how the new screenshot feature is going.


Not the word atleast :stuck_out_tongue:


@surjithctly Where in that forum announcement am I making a promise that we’ll be making any more changes to the screenshots feature? All I can do is take your feedback on board in case we get a chance to continue work on this feature. In the linked post I’m making an announcement that I’m delivering on an earlier promise of reporting the usage of the new screenshots feature. That’s the polar opposite of breaking promises.

Please don’t accuse me of breaking promises when that is clearly not the case. I understand you want some things to be improved but this is no way to go about it.


No offense. ( be cool :sunglasses: )

we just wanted to get that fixed. It a pain when using that feature multiple times a day…

If you want, You can make a promise now :stuck_out_tongue:


@surjithctly , I think you should add that feature in your extension “Better Envato”.


Good Idea.

Let’s wait for them to implement. else… we’ll do it :+1: