Need help with getting a wordpress plugin approved

Hi all,
We have submitted a wordpress plugin to codecanyon. It got rejected and we fixed the issues. After we resubmitted the plugin again - it got rejected again, now for completely different reasons.
Can anyone help in giving us insights into whats wrong with the plugin and how can we get it approved?

Please provide reject reasons - is it soft or hard reject?

Also look at this check-list (pt.7) - this are really good advices.

Also look at WordPress Coding Standards

Good luck with the next release! :wink:


At first we got this reject:
Could you please test this further with more third party themes? There are some styling inconsistencies. Namespacing your CSS will help with this.

Which we fixed and then resubmit and got this reply:
As a courtesy, preventive check:

  • Make sure that the code doesn’t raise any PHP errors, notices or warnings. Enable WP_DEBUG.

  • Include CSS/JS file the right way using wp_enqueue

  • Please do not deregister or ignore the default version of jQuery being used by the theme and load a custom version.

  • Make sure no deprecated methods are being used by the plugin. The above plugin will catch most of them so just do a quick check.

Our developers are convinced that the plugin meets the standards so i’m not sure where the disconnect is…

This is a general message from CodeCanyon reviewers.
I can advise you to check every point from this list.
For additional, make sure that your documentation is good and detailed.

Tell community please, whether these advices have helped you?